Voiceover Testimonials

Here are a few kind words that our clients have to say about our voiceover work:

Brilliant, thank you so much. Appreciate the quick turnaround. Great working with you both.
Katie, Sheffield

Lovely to work with you and Elliott today, thank you so much for fitting us in at such short notice! Hope to speak soon.
Louise, Lancashire

Colin C was fantastic!
Jessica, Surrey

The client was really happy with Kari!
Bart, London

Thanks very much for your input, attention to detail and direction in the session today, the client was very happy!
Paul, Oxfordshire

Ana was great in the session this afternoon
Laura, Bristol

Thanks so much for everything so far - really grateful to you and so pleased with how it's all going.
Helen, Bath

A huge thankyou Ricky for your help. Amazing as usual.
Linda, Wiltshire

Sounding great
Kareem, Manchester

The voiceovers (with Barclay C and Ada) were perfect for what we needed, and worked fantastically in the videos
James, Cambridgeshire

Great session with Jack D today
James, Glasgow

The client was really happy with Carloís voiceover for the Clear Air video
Charlotte, Lancashire

We thought Jack D was great
Jo, Sussex

I have worked with your company in various agencies and always an excellent job
Paul, London

Ricky and the BigFish team were just brilliant - they took the brief I gave them and delivered so many samples of voices to consider, all of which I had been struggling to source myself owing to the complexity of the project. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!
Chris, Suffolk

These voiceovers by Otty sound great
Rob, Brighton

We are all happy with Saraís professionalism and the efficiency of BigFish Media. Look forward to our next collaboration
Debbie, Cambridgeshire

Thanks for everthing Ricky, youíve been so wonderful to deal with
Laura, Manchester

Many thanks for sending across the voiceovers, great work today, weíre pleased with the results with Kitty so thank you.
Hannah, London

Thanks to you and Kibibe for a fantastic session
Adam, Brighton

Honestly, have to say really appreciate what you guys delivered for us, client was really pleased and I enjoyed using your services for the first time. Most certainly will look to you guys again for anything else. Engineer Jack did an awesome job.
Simon, Surrey

Nadira's voiceover is brilliant and everyone loves it.
James, London

Thanks for the session just now, great that it all seemed to go so smoothly, and that Hans and yourself were so accommodating and helpful.
Emily, Newcastle

Great job as always.
Luke, London

I cannot recommend the guys at BigFish Media highly enough.
As a newbie VO artist they have assisted me and provided expert advice which led to me recording my first Voice reel at their studio.

Paul Randall, Valencia, Spain

Andrea's recording was excellent
Andy, Brighton

Thank you again for your help with the voiceover with John K. The client was super happy.
Natasha, London

Thank you so much for your work on our Boehringer Ingleheim project, Iíve had a brief listen and Delyte sounds amazing. Please thank her on my behalf for being so flexible with the timings etc.
Yvette, Kent

Thanks for the session and sending the audio over so quickly. Really enjoyed the process - I will be in touch when the rest of the scripts are ready.
Aidan, Lancashire

Iíve just been discussing your company with our GM, as we are looking to branch out and use more VO companies. Iím new here, but it seems that we have often used one company for many of our VO bookings, but are really looking to building relations with a more flexible approach moving forward. I can honestly say that you have been very helpful in assisting me on this job and moving forward I hope we can use your services a great deal more.
Yvette, Kent

I just wanted to let you know how well the session went yesterday with Keith, very professional and my client is really happy with the voiceover, so thank you!
Felicity, Manchester

Thanks for this, I've had a listen through and it sounds great!
Lydia, Brighton

I completed my 2 hour session last night with Jaime, I really enjoyed it and got some great tips to move forward with. Jaime felt that my voice was very usable and has encouraged me to now look to get into the voiceover industry.
Paul, Spain

Thank you for the voiceover files from Cosmo and Robert R, they sound brilliant.
Adam, London

Raphaela did a brilliant job. She sounds wonderful!
Caroline, London

Thanks for your time earlier, a really great session with Ann W.
Hayley, Surrey

Absolutely brilliant session with yourself and Chris K today. Thanks again for all your help with making it happen.
Alicia, Buckinghamshire

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround I have been editing the video to the VO from Lydia O today and its flawless.
Rosie, Surrey

Thanks Ricky, much appreciated. Client is very happy, so need to get them to do some more now! Hopefully will be in touch again soon.
Adrian, Bristol

Just wanted to say that I've had my voice training session with Fenella. It was superb! Still buzzing, had a great time and got loads out of it. I'll take some time to absorb what I've learnt, then will get in touch about a voiceover showreel.
Abdul, Cheshire

I just wanted to say thanks again for the voiceover recordings, the client loves them so Iím very happy too.
Rosie, Surrey

Another great recording!
Guy, Sussex

Thanks for doing this so quickly, it sounds great
Steve, Southampton

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you Ricky, you have been incredible to work with on this and really made sure it all ran as it needed to, considering it was quite a short deadline and the logistical enormity of it all. It is always great working with you, I really appreciate your hard work on this. All of the artists were so brilliant to work with, they just nailed the whole thing and I am so pleased with the result, I can't wait to hear them all in the final videos, I think the client is going to be so happy.
Hayley, Surrey

Our client is very happy with all of the voiceover recordings.
Sam, London

Thank you very much for the session today with Chris T. It sounds great.
Joe, Southampton

Caroline is so good. Thanks for the session today, really great recording and much appreciated getting the files to us so quickly this afternoon.
Jez, Sussex

Thank you again for co-ordinating the voice over, the project turned out excellent.
Cari, London

Your help is greatly appreciated. Fantastic service!
Mike, London

Raphaela was great.
Terry, London

Our client is just raving about your session. Lucy W absolutely knocked everyone's socks off; just clean off. We're all barefoot now (good thing we're working from home.) She was amazing!
Mike, New York

And big thanks to Lucinda, she was great!
Marie, Sussex

Thank you so much. I am very grateful to you for turning this round so quickly; a lifesaver.
Mike, London

Have just had a listen and the voiceover by Adam G is perfect
Mike, London

Hashim was excellent
Louise, London

Thanks again for the great work. I've been really impressed with the way your engineers Lorraine and John have run the sessions.
Ben, Sussex

Thank you for a very nice and professional session!
Anders, Stockholm

Thank you for doing that so quickly this morning. Please pass my thanks to Caroline as well, very professional and a great job
Jez, Sussex

Many thanks for the work on this project. I am very pleased with the results and it definitely enhances the E-learning.
James, Sussex

You and Mark P were great, thank you! Emily my client was very happy too
Amanda, Surrey

Great job @RickyBigFish today. Great studio in Woking with tip top engineers - thank you John. First time in a studio outside London - turns out, the very best is right on my doorstep!
Alison, Haslemere

Thank you so much for the session - Engineer John is a marvel! A real pleasure to work with.
Ali, Guildford

Sarah was excellent
Alasdair, London

Austin S was brilliant
Jessica, London

Sara is amazing and does an excellent job of producing our recordings. We would definitely recommend you
Paul, Cambridgeshire

Thanks so much for a really good session, really appreciate all the work you, Darren and the BigFish team have done!
Lydia, Surrey

Awesome. Please send our thanks to Helen S, a very accommodating and highly professional voiceover artist
Michael, Leeds

Brilliant, appreciate all your work in making it a smooth process. Clients were very happy.
Neil, London

Fantastic service from start to finish!
Bradley, Kent

Thanks for arranging this work for us. Please pass my thanks on to John as well for a smooth session.
Adam, Sussex

Dominique was fantastic yesterday by the way - best American VO I have worked with for a long time.
Ross, London

I have reviewed and everything sounds great. Please pass my thanks on to Marcus for getting this recorded so quickly and to a great standard.
Adam, Sussex

That was our first experience with BigFish Media, and we are impressed! Many thanks for the great and speedy work.
Claire, London

Everything went REALLY well! We were very pleased with Elliott, he did an absolutely fantastic job and we have a very happy client.
Judy, Bristol

Many thanks for getting this (audio) over to me so quickly. We thought the recording session went really well ...and our client is definitely pleased with the results, so a big thanks to you and Danny H for all of your efforts.
Chris, Gloucestershire

This is fabulous.
Richard, Lincolnshire

Great working with you guys - very professional and an excellent record from Charley!
Richard, Surrey

Many thanks again for being so brilliant with your v/o service. Charley was great and so patient with us and the client was really happy and enjoyed being able to input at this stage.
Alicia, Buckinghamshire

Thanks very much for sending over the voiceover recording from Christoph - it sounds brilliant!
Richard, Surrey

Amy R is absolutely brilliant. Loved her recording and I'm sure the client will do too!
James, Berkshire

Fantastic, thanks for turning this around so quickly. Great read from Amy R too.
Paul, Oxfordshire

Geraldine did a fantastic job.
Lucy, London

Sounds fantastic! A huge thank you for your help. Please thank Matthew again for me.
Alastair, London

We're really happy with how everything went today (with Anthony B) and with the audio! Thank you again. We look forward to working with you again!
James, Berkshire

Thanks for sending over the recording by Joe V - it sounds perfect - what a voice over artist!
Richard, Surrey

I am very impressed by Tam's outstanding narration abilities. We certainly have chosen the perfect candidate for this project. Thank you all for your professionalism. I think that this narration, will make this a very impressive presentation. Looking forward to working with you all again.
George, London

We were very happy with the job that Mike C did!!
Susanna, Finland

So happy that we've re-booked the same artist (Joseph) and will continue to be repeat customers.
Jamie, Surrey

Thanks for your work yesterday(with Gwen.) It sounds great.
Jemma, Bristol

Thanks guys for a brilliant job (with Michelle) and nice attention to detail with the Doncaster variations. I am going for the flat vowel version!
Simon, Leeds

Just to let you know the Caribbean audio (Joseph) has been approved for Asda. So jolly spiffing work.
Toby, Leeds

Just to let you know the Polish Commercials for Asda (Ola P)have been approved so will be sent to the stations later today. Fantastic work so thanks for those.
Toby, Leeds

I would be grateful if you could pass our thanks on to Adam and Rebecca (Studio Engineer) as we were impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail yesterday, especially given the short notice!
Christopher, Hampshire

This is amazing! Thank you (to Ola) so much for turning this around so quickly. My Swedish colleague is thrilled as she can now include this as part of her presentation on Friday.
Millie, Norwich

Very happy with the reads and the session.
Pete, Rhode Island, USA

Just wanted to say thanks for today, it was great to be able to listen in. James was superb & Andrew was great directing where lines needed re-reading. Totally impressed!
Katie, Lancashire

Very pleased with the result.
Jof, Northamptonshire

As always you (John the engineer and Helen S) were both superb!
Michael, Leicestershire

Thank you very much for the files (from Afifa). The takes are great, and we were able to cut them together to get the exact voice over we wanted. Was a pleasure working with you guys! Until next time, I wish you all the best.
Yassine, Morocco

I was really pleased with this morning's voiceover session. I think everyone did a great job especially Alec thank you.
Michael, Leicestershire

Just downloaded the audio and it sounds fantastic. Please pass on my thanks to John and Matt for an excellent session - both were fantastic to work with. Thanks also for your help in the early going - look forward to working with you guys again.
Nico, London

We think Anthony is great, he did a wonderful job last time.
John, London

I would like to thank BigFish Media for setting up a one hour training session with Fenella, and at such short notice.
The task I needed help with was to perform a very dry, highly technical VO script for a marketing video being made by my company. Within an hour, Fenella taught me key skills needed for a professional and coherent reading. Fenella was exceptionally professional, honest without being unkind, and very encouraging. She taped my voice before and after the training so I could hear the (significant) difference. I now feel sufficiently confident to analyse and perform other VO scripts and feel this has given me a strong foundation on which to build.

Girija, Middlesex

Thanks for the audio Ricky - excellent of course. You have the ability to make the mundane sound exciting!
Terry, Essex

I did enjoy my Voice Training session in Bristol. Cameron has a great voice and his advice was very useful, especially regarding the breathing techniques to project the voice. This has inspired me to enroll in a three-month training with a Spanish voice over artist this time so I'm sure I'll be ready to rock very soon!
Elena Alvarez, Bristol

Quick bit of feedback. Just wanted to say how impressed I was with everything. Aanya was brilliant. Frankly she pretty much nailed it in one take and got the tone etc right straight away after the shortest brief in history. I know it is his job, and donít want to sound patronising, but David was just superb. In a grand total of 17 minutes he got a full take and then each section individually at different times to make sure it (broadly) fit the video timings, and his attention to detail was spot on. We got the files 10 minutes later! Very very impressed and thank you.
Howard, Berkshire

Just had a opportunity to listen to both version through my BOSE headsets and I am delighted by the quality and clarity of the recording. A huge thank you to you and John.
Martin Colgrave, Surrey

You guys are the best!
Lee-Or, Israel

Thanks ever so much for your level of service. I have been very impressed with it all.
Martin, Hertfordshire

Sounds fantastic, thanks again for your help with this and can you thank Claire for her exceptional performance!
Paul, Oxfordshire

Wow, Ricky that's incredible - thank you!...amazing service!!! I will certainly let everyone know of your efforts to help us!!!
Alex, Surrey

EFSA were delighted with the voiceover on this - thanks for your help with it and please extend my thanks to Ricky as well!
The European Food Safety Authority

Now that the project for which you recorded the voiceover has finished I've finally come up for air, and wanted to thank you very much for providing such a slick and quick service both at the recording session and getting the files over to us. The client was very pleased with the output, and thrilled with the videos the voiceover was for. And, of course, if our clients are happy we are too!
Cathy, Surrey

I wouldn't hesitate to use BigFish Media again. I was very impressed with the efficient and friendly service.
Gerald Taylor, Leeds

WOW! THANK YOU. Apologies for the shouty caps but I am so relieved you've been able to turn this around so quickly.
Alicia, Buckinghamshire

Your team did a great job! I also want to say thank you for all your hard work.
Linda, South Korea

Sooo pleased with the result. I just wanted to THANK YOU for the lovely day. Thanks also for all your suggestions and patience and making my big day happen. I thoroughly enjoyed working with both of you.
Rebecca Randall, Wimbledon

Hi Guys. Just wanted to say thank you for a great studio session. I love your approach and would happily recommend you. I look forward to receiving the recording.
Anne, Essex

I have just downloaded and very happy with it. Thanks as always, nice work.
Andy, Lincolnshire

This sounds great! Many thanks for your excellent work.
Paul, Yorkshire

Thank you! Listened to it and its perfect! Once this video is finished, I am moving straight onto another one, so I'll be in touch soon.
April, Bristol

We are delighted with the recordings.
Jennifer, London

Very good indeed. We will be back later in the year for a Christmas version. Thanks.
Andy, Manchester

Just a quick email to say many thanks for the quick turn around with our voiceover, which is absolutely spot on & just what we wanted. Please pass on my thanks to Michel and your team for a great job. I'm certain we'll be in touch again with forthcoming projects & I'll be in touch.
Neil, Leeds

I worked with Ricky and his great team on probably the most complicated production job in my 25 odd years in the business: 10 x films with five clients in five countries in 5 x languages. To source the VO artists and record them with clients listening in all on Skype, it worked brilliantly thanks to the professionalism of Ricky and his team. I highly recommend Ricky and the BigFish Team.
Nathan, London

Man, you guys are fast! It's like Andrea lives in your studio or something!!!
Joan, California

I worked with John and Jo earlier today and have received and checked the audio files. Another excellent job, well done.
Please convey my thanks to Jo and John and the rest of the team at BigFish.

Spencer, London

Jo worked hard on the session and sounded first class. I have worked through the audio files and can report an excellent job well done - with no amends needed. Many thanks to you and the team at BigFish Media.
Spencer, London

AMAZING! This is exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you Ricky. Please pass on my very best thanks to your colleague in South Africa. Really first class stuff.
Simon, Guildford

Thank you for a great job very professional and I would certainly recommend you.
Gerald, Leeds

Very impressed with your services yesterday you did us proud, results sound great too!
Richard, West Yorkshire

It was a very professional and helpful session with great help, hints and pointers from Ricky. The end product is fantastic and already I have interest in being used for a small commercial.
Rod Wood, Worthing

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with having me for the day. I found the whole experience extremely tiring, but from a knowledge standpoint, completely invaluable! It's really reassuring that you have such faith in me and great to know that it wasn't in vain.
Ben Potter, Oxfordshire

I took your advice and put myself on the BBC voicebank. That gave me a lot of practice doing random scripts for all manner of local stations and bizarrely even Radio 1. I just wanted to say if it wasn't for your expertise with making my voiceover showreel and the experience to be able to learn my limits, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this - so thanks again.
Richard Latto, BBC Producer, Hampshire

Fab. Thank you as always for the quick turnaround!
Michelle, Surrey

I would just like to say thanks a lot for your help with this video. We are extremely pleased with the output and overall voice over recording. We have a few other videos coming up so we will be sure to approach you again if the videos have any voice over requirements.
Chandani, London

It works and fits great. Many thanks for doing the job with no notice. Much appreciated.
Nicolae, Surrey

Wow that was quick! Those new liners are perfect. Thanks to all the team for getting that done so promptly. You guys are amazing!
Rick, UCB Radio

Many thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and professionalism.
Nathan, London

I've finally had a chance to review the videos Charlotte voiced over for us. I wondered if you could pass on my thanks and admiration to her. Constantly a surprise what a real voice-over artist can do. Her work has made both of the videos.
Phil, London

We love the swift communication that you provide - separates you from many others. Sure we'll be back to you at some point for more although have a hectic couple of months as take up for our driving school marketing product is exploding!!
Dan, Somerset

Thanks so much for the voiceover it's fantastic. We got some feedback from the client and he's really happy.
Nick, Surrey

Thank you for your sterling work regarding the recent voiceover work. We are extremely happy with your contribution and look forward to working with you again. Please extend my thanks to James K as well.
Gareth, Bolton University

Really enjoyed (the voice training...Fenella) had some good tips which I now need to put in to practice. I've got my next show on Saturday so I'm hoping I'll hear a difference then.
Kathy, BBC Radio Presenter, Brighton

I'm always happy to spread the word about BigFish and the great service you offer!
Neil, Surrey

I found the voice training really useful...I'm so pleased that I found BigFish Media. Fenella was very personable and helped me with a couple of voicing niggles that I was aware of (hence the training) but couldn't specifically identify - if that makes sense. The session flew by.
Grant, Leicestershire

Thank you SO much for helping me arrange this voice training, Fenella was really a fantastic help - and great fun! I'm much more confident about moving ahead with the project now. Thanks again.
Alexandra, London

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say the recording session with James was great. I'm really happy with what we've got. Thanks for all your help.
Rick, United Christian Broadcasting

Just to let you know we are really happy with the quality of the audio we've got back. Big thanks to you and Matt and whoever else was involved.
Richard, Nottinghamshire

Great to meet you today, thank you for a great service. Look forward to working with you again soon.
Simon, London

Just a quick one to say thanks for the French voiceover last week. It was all very manic trying to deliver on time but because you delivered so quickly we made it on Friday morning.

The client was very impressed with Michel's voice over and they say they'd like to use him again on future films.

I'll be in touch again this week at some point as we need to record an English version. Now I just need to listen to your many voices!

Tom, London

Did I mention that I've had a couple of Heart commercials? I'm so thrilled, I'm boring everyone who will listen! Anyway considering it is all down to your showreel, I figured you wouldn't mind knowing too.
Vicky Shotton-Oza, Voiceover Artist

Excellent job - it is exactly what I was looking for.
Michael Hughes, Florida

I've been providing voiceovers for BigFish Media for several years now. Ricky is a pleasure to work with - extremely professional & very thorough. I share his diligent approach in ensuring the client's requirements are met & usually exceeded! BigFish Media has grown significantly over the last few years & that says it all! I'm delighted to be a part of it.
Sara, BigFish Media Voiceover Artist

Ricky is 100% professional in every capacity. Clear communication is one of his many key strengths and any dealings I have had have all been text-book.
Graeme, BigFish Media Voiceover Artist

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Ricky as my voice agent and producer.

BigFish Media is a great combination of agency and production house, which offers a one-stop-shop for clients. This approach attracts good work and means Ricky can see a project right through from negotiating my fee at the beginning, to directing me in the BigFish recording studio with the client on the line and mastering the final audio.

BigFish Media have an excellent online presence- it means I, and the other voices, are often at the top of search engines for "Voice Over" and the website itself is easy to navigate and a useful showcase.

Ricky has offered me great advice on my own projects, always pays on time and stays in touch.

Sally, BigFish Media Voiceover Artist

Both in the production of voice reels and representation as an agent, Ricky brings to his work great professionalism, expert knowledge of the subject and a wealth of experience. He produces results of the very highest standard and quality and is reliable, efficient and quick, as well as being a good communicator and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Jennifer, BigFish Media Voiceover Artist

I joined Ricky's roster of artists last year, and within a couple of weeks he had gotten me a voiceover job, which was recorded at BigFish Media. He clearly has a huge amount of experience and knows the business inside-out as well. I would highly recommend him on all counts.
Grainne, Actress and Voiceover Artist

Ricky has recorded voiceovers for me for over maybe 10 years, always good and always on time with a fast turnaround, friendly service and genuine customer care. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Ashley, Lincolnshire

A quick note to thank you for your help with this video and could you pass on my thanks to your team for carrying out a very professional job.
Grahaeme, The Local Better Regulation Office

Just a quick note to say I'm delighted with this voiceover and the service you provided and I'm sure we will be using your company for a good deal of our future voiceover requirements.
Neil, Weybridge, Surrey

Ricky is very good and very flexible, we would definitely recommend him.
Dan, Onion Events

Mike did a really good job. Everything went smoothly and I appreciate your professional way to work. Now that we have this experience, weīll be happy to use the services of BigFish Media again.
Susanna, Finland

I wanted to say a huge and personal thanks for all your hard work on "Don't Stop Believing". The show was the biggest and best Entertainment show in Channel Five's history and wouldn't have been so if it hadn't been put together by an amazing rockstar-ready team made up of the very best in the business.
Karen Smith, Joint Managing Director, Shine TV

The client loves Elliott's audio, and I appreciate all your help in getting this together on such short notice (really, shocking deadlines. You've been great)!
Wainani Dombrowski, Underdog TV

Thank you so much for your help with Nathan's recording of the NUS Podcast. I look forward to working with you again in the future. I think you have a brilliant company!
Parvin Ramchurn, Point of Attack

Ricky produced an excellent showreel of my Voiceover work and is now representing me on his books. The speed at which he works is remarkable: he turned my reel around almost before I'd arrived home! He is a joy to work with, knows how to get the best out of you and has a natural ease about him that makes you feel safe and assured.
Sarah Gentry, Former BBC TV Continuity Announcer

To say I'm impressed would be a massive understatement. I am very happy. You have truly made a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
Russell, Broadcaster and Voiceover Artist

I approached BigFish Media to record my voice reel and it came out sounding great. Ricky really makes you feel confortable during the session and he really brought the best out of my voice. Now I'm one of the BigFish Media voices and it's been a great experience, Ricky Salmon is very professional and devoted producer.
Joana Raio, Actress

As a 'newbie', I felt I had landed on my feet with Ricky. Being ever so slightly in awe, I found Ricky very easy to be with. Encouraging but frank, he kept it real and was utterly professional and businesslike. Ricky is somebody I admire very much.
Vicky Shotton Oza, Voiceover Artist

My session with Ricky Salmon at BigFish Media was an all-round positive one. It was a really friendly and relaxed experience and I enjoyed every minute. Ricky was completely professional and was really patient at answering all my questions. The voice reel itself sounds great and I now have it listed on several voice over websites.
Sally C Davis, Actress

Ricky Salmon was a pleasure to do business with. The atmosphere was relaxed and the work was recorded smoothly and efficiently. He edited my voiceover showreel over and over to make sure I didn't just LIKE the end product, I LOVED the end product. He is an extremely talented dedicated professional, and I definitely want to work with him again in the future. Thumbs up!
Rachel Brooker, Voiceover Artist

Absoloutely fantastic! How did you manage to make such a silk purse out of a pigs ear! Wow - We're all very impressed this end! It's just what the video needed - you interpreted it all so well! Brilliant - we're thrilled!
Paul, Gourock, Scotland

I would like to extend my thanks for the brilliant recordings which are now in use on our telephone system. We certainly will not hesitate to return in the future and to recommend your services.
Phillip, Lancashire

We love using Ricky. His wonderful voice adds professionalism, authority and style to our videos, and what's more, Ricky is a real pleasure to work with. His super speedy turnaround times and flexibility when dealing with last minute script changes are very much appreciated.
Emma, Amsterdam

Ricky Salmon is a true professional. We have used his voiceover on several occasions and his service is excellent, every step of the way. We would have no problem in recommending his services for all sorts of applications.
Mike, Warrington

Lakeside Studios take on an air of confidence when Ricky Salmon is recording a voiceover for us. We know that the client will be happy with the result, that Ricky will be punctual and will display his tireless help and enthusiasm throughout the session. In fact that goes for all his colleagues at BigFish Media. If you want the job done properly, use the best.
Teresa, Frimley, Surrey

We found Ricky to be friendly yet professional and very co-operative. He has the ability to breathe life in to any voiceover script and make even the most complicated of technical scripts easy to understand.
Charlie, London

BigFish Media has been a great source of quality voiceovers for a number of our blue chip clients. The quality and turn around times are second to none.
Chris, Cranleigh, Surrey

Ricky was extremely professional; we were very impressed with the quality of his voiceover and he interpreted the brief perfectly. A pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with him again in the near future!
Ali Bradley, Interesting Television

Ricky provided us with exactly what we wanted and managed to convey information and sell the product perfectly, whilst not making the film appear like an overstated high pressure selling exercise. The finished film has been extremely well received and we will certainly be using Ricky again for future voiceover work.
John, Jedburgh, Scotland

The programme for the KFC Mini-fillet went very well, and indeed; your voiceover was commented on as excellent. I hope to have another couple of programmes for you in the near future.
Alec, Sandhurst, Berkshire

We didn't realise how easy it would be for us to get a profesional voiceover for our new multi-media presentation. We chose Ricky because of his professional approach, fast response and quality of service. We'll certainly be using him again for future projects.
Robert J Marshall, Telford, Shropshire

Ricky recently recorded the voiceover for a highly technical training film and our clients were amazed. They couldn't believe how a potentially dull subject could be given so much life. As so often happens, our clients kept changing their minds, which lead to us re-writing the script, and of course they wanted it yesterday! However, at very short notice, Ricky came up with the goods. As a result we are already planning our next project.
Paul, Lymington, Hampshire

Ricky was so very easy to work with - having his own studio makes the whole process straightforward for the producer. Changes in the voiceover are simple to make at any stage should they be required. His voice - energetic and confident - was just right for the programme we were producing for a European construction company, helping us to project a successful universal image.
Jayne, Bristol

Thank you for getting this job done for us so speedily - the CD arrived yesterday morning! We were very impressed. The voiceover was great.
Jayne, Loughborough University

Ricky has provided us with excellent voiceovers for audio visual presentations on the civil aircraft preserved here at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. In each case he has provided the right balance of enthusiasm and authority which engages the viewer and makes even the technical details sound very interesting.
Tod, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

We have found Ricky's breadth and depth of presentation is the key to enhancing what otherwise could be a dry presentation. His voiceover is clear and full of emphasis, and we look forward to producing more material in the future.
Graeme, Reading, Berkshire