On-Hold Voiceover Artists

Voiceover Artists who are experienced at recording IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and On-Hold prompts.

You know the sort of thing: "Thank you for calling Bert's Widgets. Your call is important to us. All our operators are busy on other calls at the moment, but please hold and we will get to you as soon as we can".

We have recorded many voiceover artists for numerous clients for their on-hold systems including Jewson, Gibbs and Dandy, L'Occitane, Wigan Borough Council, JP Corry, International Timber, Ageas Insurance, John Lewis Partnership, Ingenie and Toyota and Graham.

The benefits of using a professional voiceover artist for your telephone system include increased sales, giving a professional image to your company and letting your customers know your opening hours.

Here you can find out more about this service: On Hold Production.

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