Your project is unique and we would be happy to give you a quote or estimate.

The following acts as a rough guide for our Voice-over and Commercial Production work:

Audio Production

Whether it's writing and recording a radio commercial or on-hold telephone prompts, each project is unique so please contact us for details. Please see Web Audio Production for details and examples of our work.


Ricky is an experienced national radio broadcaster. Jack G is an experienced commercial radio copywriter. They can turn your rough draft, notes, ideas or technical documents into beautifully-written prose which works for the ear rather than the eye.

As each job is unique please ask us for a quote. Please see Copywriting for details and examples of our work.

We believe that only people who have experience of writing for radio or TV (whether it is news bulletins or TV continuity announcements) can really write a great script for your corporate or web video.

There is a huge difference in the skill level required to write a script which is intended to be heard by your client rather than read by them.


Corporate Voiceovers

Our voiceover artists are charged at different rates so we should have someone to suit your budget. For voiceovers for corporate, E-Learning, web videos, multi-media or training videos, the cost of recording a Voiceover Artist starts at 350+VAT.

Our fees depend upon which voice artist you choose and where the audio is to be used.

These prices cover the costs to record one script by the voiceover artist, casting, live client direction, studio engineer/voice director, studio fee, editing, QC, de-breathing, file encoding and transfer.

If you would like us to send a voiceover artist to your studio or a third party studio please ask us for a quote.

Amendments to the script after a session has finished will be chargeable. We would encourage you to direct the session (or listen into the recording) via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meets to make sure you are happy with the tone, style and pace of the voiceover recording. This helps us with possible script changes and pronunciations; it also means we provide you a perfect recording in time for you to meet your deadline.

International Voiceover Artists and Child Voiceover Artists are generally at the higher end. Please contact us for details. Please ask if you would like a quote for a larger volume of work or whether your project would involve a usage fee. Please see Voiceovers FAQ for more details.


How to pay BigFish Media

We can accept payment via BACS (online banking) most major Credit Cards or via PayPal on the Make a Payment page. We are sorry but we can't accept American Express.

If you are an existing client with a good track record our terms are strictly 30 days. If you are a new client, not a limited company or based outside the UK we will require full payment in advance.

Live Directed Voiceover Sessions

If you would like one of our Voiceover Artists to do a live client-directed session, prices start from 350+VAT per hour.

Studio Hire

Our Recording Studio near Woking, Surrey (pictured) is available for hire at 120+VAT per hour. We are equipped with phone patch, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom, Skype and ipDTL.

Our day rate is 720+VAT. Please allow 50+VAT per hour if you would like us to edit your audio.

Our voiceover booth is suitable for Voiceover Artists, Advertising Agencies and Production Companies that don't have their own recording studio.

IVR & Telephone On-Hold Voiceovers

Voiceovers for "on-hold" start at 350+VAT. Production fees start at 200+VAT; on-hold music from 120+VAT. Please see Audio Production for more details and examples of our work.

Radio Commercial Voiceovers

The Equity Agency Ratecard applies to most of our voiceovers for all radio commercials and instore radio announcements.

Television Commercial Voiceovers

For voiceovers for TV commercials, the session fee starts from 350+VAT plus usage. Once you know how many TVR's you are buying, or which stations the advert is to air on and for how long, we can give you an accurate quote.

Web Commercial Voiceovers

For voiceovers for web commercials, the session fee starts from 350+VAT plus usage. Once you know how many impressions you are buying, the duration of the campaign and which websites the advert will be shown on, we can give you an accurate quote.

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Television Documentary Voiceovers

For voiceovers for television documentaries there is a minimum session fee of 300+VAT per hour depending on where the programme is to be broadcast. This fee only applies to us sending a voiceover artist to a third party studio.


As each translation is unique, please contact us for details. If you can send us a word count and the languages involved, we can give you an estimate. There is a minimum fee of 70+VAT

If you can send us a script and the languages involved, we can send you a quote. Please see Translation and Transcription for details and examples of our work.

Voice Training

The price of an hour's intensive voiceover training is 149+VAT

If you have no experience at all, you may need a two hour session at 249+VAT. We only offer remote training sessions (via Zoom etc.) Please see Voice Training for more details.

Voiceover Showreel Production

If you are an aspiring Voiceover Artist or just need to refresh your demo, we can make a voiceover showreel for you. Our fee is 349+VAT. See Voiceover Showreel Production for more details.

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