Why Should I Choose BigFish Media?

We are one of Europe's leading Voiceover Agencies. We are often recommended by our clients to other companies.

All our voiceover artists are hand-selected by us for their natural talent, ability and availability. We make sure that they are reliable and easy to work with.

BigFish Media Ltd was established in 2004 by the former BBC Radio 2 Newsreader Ricky Salmon. It is a name you know and can trust. Ricky is also very experienced Voiceover Artist who is now an expert in the voiceover business.

As a former BBC radio producer, Ricky is also great at managing our voice talents, quoting and project managing our sessions. All our team members are also experienced Voiceover Artists. And yes, that includes the studio engineers. So we all know what we are talking about.

When you book one of our voiceover artists, you will get your own dedicated experienced Production Manager who will deal with your job from your initial enquiry, through all the various stages of production, until the job gets handed over to the studio engineer on the day of recording.

When one of our team is the studio engineer on your session they often take on the role of studio director too, directing the voiceover talent or interpreting what your client wants (but can't quite express) in terms the voiceover artist will understand. This is how we get the best out of our voice talents.

We are:


We will always respond quickly to your emails. We also get the job done quickly and professionally. Our turnaround time is second to none, ensuring you meet your deadline. We often work to very tight deadlines both in managing the pre-production process and sending you the edited audio.


Your phone call will be answered by one of our professional, highly-motivated and experienced team who will guide you through the production process. You won't have to deal with interns, inexperienced staff, answering machines or a call answering service.

All our studio engineers are experienced and friendly too. As well as dealing with all the technicalities of a session, they can help you to produce or direct the voiceover artist if required.



To ensure that you and your client gets the best out of the voiceover artist in the session, we highly recommend that whoever has the sign off on the audio listens into the session. We have over 2000 UK and International voiceover artists so we can find someone to fit most reasonable budgets.

We can also send voiceover artists to third party studios. We work with clients all over the world and embrace the challenges of working with clients in different time zones.

We pride ourselves on creating great long-term relationships with our ever-increasing portfolio of existing clients of video production companies, marketing agencies and advertising agencies from all over the world.

We represent voiceover artists who are professional, easy to work with and respond well to direction. We provide a great service, so why pay Soho prices? This is your BigFish Media guarantee.

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