Voice of God

The following Voiceover Artists are all experienced in being the "Voice of God".

A "Voice of God" is normally (but not always) a male voice artist who makes announcements at Award Ceremonies (usually live but sometimes recorded) as the winners and runners up are called to the stage to accept their prizes.

A Voice of God can also be booked for events, TV shows, concerts and theatre shows or any event that the audience may need to be kept in check or encouraged to participate. He (or she) is always heard by the audience but never seen. Think Strictly Come Dancing, The National Lottery etc.

The style of voiceover talent who is booked for this sort of job is, by tradition, a man with a deep voice that appears to be coming at you from above or surrounding you. You cannot escape hearing the announcer.

The job requires an experienced voiceover artist who is very used to the pressurized arena of live events where things can and do go wrong, has great sight-reading skills and can adapt the script to events on stage.

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