Voiceover Recording: How To Book Your Voiceover Artist

We are your fast, flexible and friendly Voiceover Agency. As we are run by Voiceover Artists, we have a lot of expertise in all aspects of the voiceover industry.

Since 2004 we have recorded voiceover artists for many top FTSE companies. Our voiceover clients include Facebook, Rolls Royce, Tesco, Unilever, Mercedez Benz, Sainsburys, Jaguar, HSBC, Boeing, eBay, Vodafone and MasterCard.


How To Book Your Voiceover Artist:

1) Contact Us We are here to help you cast your next voiceover artist. We will talk about the style, age, language and sex of the voiceover artist you need. At this stage we can also talk budgets, usage and if you need a wild or "sync"(voice to picture) session.

2) Select Your Voiceover Artist You can listen to the audio files online or download them if you would like your client to make the final choice. Please send us the name of the voiceover artist(s) that you would like to book or a shortlist of 3-4 voices. You could also let us know your budget and we will send you a selection of voiceover talents that will work for your client.

3) Agree Usage. Will this audio be on your clients website, other websites, Social Media, TV or Radio? Will the audio be used organically or will it form part of an online advert? Will it be used for tradeshows, tour guides or is it just an internal corporate video?

4) How You Can Direct. You can direct the voiceover artist via the phone, a conference all, Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or in person at our studio. We always recommend that the person who has sign off on the audio takes part in the session as you will be able to hear the rhythm and cadence of a script, advise on pronunciations and amend the script as required. You and your client will be able to talk directly to the voiceover artist. Our studio engineer will be more than happy to help you direct the voiceover artist.

5) Send Us The Script We will need the script in WORD format. We can't accept PDF scripts as we often need to change the font and font size. We are unable to open PAGES documents. We don't need storyboards. A draft script, word count or estimated length of recording will help us work out how long it will take to record. Having recorded voiceover artists for over 15 years this helps us plan accordingly.

6) Quotation Our voiceover artists are all unique and prices will vary. Once the voice talent has been cast, we have confirmed usage of the audio and a final script, we can send you a quote. Until we have all three of these, we can only estimate a price for your job.

7) Pencilled Booking Once you have agreed to book a voice talent, and the time and date have been agreed by all parties, we will create a pencilled booking for your chosen voiceover artist(s). We can record at our studio in Woking, Surrey or we could send a voiceover artist to a third party, say in Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow or London. We will need that pencilled booking confirmed or cancelled 24 hours before the possible session.

8) Sign a Contract We will ask you to agree to our terms and conditions. The contract will also confirm the voiceover artist(s) and the usage that we have already agreed verbally or via email.

9) Make a Payment You can remit by Paypal, BACS, CHAPS or most major credit cards. If you are an existing client, based in the UK and a limited company, we offer 30-day account terms.

10) The Voiceover Session Please ensure you have sent us a final script in Word format before the session. If you would like the voiceover artist to see your video - or we are doing a sync (voice to picture) session - we will need the actual video file send to us via a downloadable link before the session for the voiceover artist to see.

11) Audio Delivery After the voiceover session, we will send you the edited version with all the takes you require. You can easily download your edited voiceover audio via We Transfer or Dropbox.

From our recording studio and offices in Woking, Surrey, UK we can cast voices from over 2000 professional top quality voiceover artists.

As all our team are also voiceover artists, our studio engineer is also there to help you direct the voice talent. At our digital recording studio, you can direct the voiceover artist using Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, phone, conference call or in person. You can choose from a Voice-to-Picture or a "wild" recording.

BigFish Media is run by the former BBC Radio 2 Newsreader Ricky Salmon. We are an experienced six person team dealing with a hand-picked selection of UK, Child, Teenage, International, Cartoon and Character Voiceovers.


To help you choose the right voiceover artist quickly we have divided our voices into several categories:

Male Voiceover Artists - Twenties
Male Voiceover Artists - Thirties
Male Voiceover Artists - Forties
Male Voiceover Artists - Fifties
Male Voiceover Artists - Sixty Plus

Female Voiceover Artists - Twenties
Female Voiceover Artists - Thirties
Female Voiceover Artists - Forties
Female Voiceover Artists - Fifties
Female Voiceover Artists - Sixty Plus

UK Children's Voices
UK Teenager's Voices
International Children's and Teenagers' Voices
Character and Gaming Voices
Continuity Announcers
Voice of God
UK Voices by Regional Accent
International Voiceovers by Language
International English Voiceovers

You can choose one of our Voiceover Artists for your next TV Documentary, Radio or TV Commercial, On-Hold message, IVR, Web video, E-Learning, Explainer video, Voice of God, Webinar, Corporate Video or Mobile Phone App. We also do Translation and Transcription

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