Showreel Production

If you are an aspiring Voiceover Artist we can produce your voiceover showreel or, for established Voiceover Artists, we can update your existing showreel.

Your session will be 1-2-1 with experienced Voiceover Artist and former BBC Radio 2 Newsreader Ricky Salmon and an experienced studio engineer/voice director who will provide you with a selection of voice scripts (corporate, web, commercial, e-learning, on-hold, TV documentary, TV continuity etc) and give you direction in the voice booth.

Studio Engineer Jack

You will also get an insight into the voiceover industry from our team and what your first steps should be to get voiceover work and/or a Voiceover Agent.

Our fee is 349+VAT.

Please contact us for more details.

You may also be interested in getting some Voice Training with us before you make your voiceover showreel.

voice trainer Cameron
Voice Trainer Cameron

Professional, efficient and friendly
Sue Kellegher, Eastbourne, Sussex

I would definitely recommend BigFish Media
Amy de Roche, Guildford, Surrey

Karen Brooks, Woking, Surrey

Completely invaluable!
Ben, Oxfordshire

Fabulous...I am very pleased.
Carin Rose, London

I LOVED the end product
Rachel, Reading

Really loved the showreel
Nick, Bristol

The end product is fantastic!
Rod, Worthing

I couldnt be more pleased
Anne, Isle of Wight

I am highly recommending your company
Serena, Kent

Your showreel will then be produced by our Audio Producer John

Studio Engineer/Audio Producer John

Here are some examples of our work:

Jon Cartwright:

Junila Silveirma:

Jay Vydelingum:

Paul Randall:

Helen Creed:

Amy de Roche:

Bridget Norman:

Lynsey Bartlett:

Karen Brooks:

Sasha Colvile:

Mark Desmond:

Carin Rose:

Helen Keeley:

Suzanne Abbott-Lee:

Yvonne Enoch:

Sarah Russell:

Kate Barton:


Voiceover Showreel Testimonials

I cannot recommend the guys at BigFish Media highly enough. As a newbie VO artist they have assisted me and provided expert advice which led to me recording my first Voice reel at their studio.
Paul Randall, Valencia, Spain

These are perfect, just what I need, thank you both again. I am really pleased with the professional, efficient and friendly service you guys deliver. Thanks for the direction and tips you offered on the day Amy, really helpful and thanks to you John for delivering on my many requests - I felt a bit of a diva there at the end! Really pleased with the results.
Sue Kellegher, Eastbourne, Sussex

Many thanks for this morning. Having psyched myself up for this, I was still somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing, but you both were very welcoming and I was able to relax into it. Whether anything ever comes of this, who knows, but I'm glad I've had today's experience and am very grateful for it.
Richard Sawle, Dorking, Surrey

Having had no experience of voiceover work before, I was slightly nervous to have training and to record my showreel. The BigFish Media team were so encouraging and put me at ease right away. I learned a lot from the trainer about how to interpret scripts and deliver them in the best way I can. We also talked about what types of Voiceover work is best suited to my voice and what type of work I should aim for. This prepared me to know where and how to start promoting myself for work. When it came to recording my showreel, it was a lot of fun and the Engineer was great at reassuring and directing me to create a showreel that I was delighted with. I would definitely recommend BigFish Media for Voiceover Training and to record a Showreel. The quality of recording is fantastic and they helped me create a strong showreel that I have already got some Voiceover work from!
Amy de Roche, Guildford, Surrey

This is great! I really like what you have done with this. Brilliant! Thank you for doing this for me. It is just what I need and much appreciated. I really enjoyed the whole 'BigFish Media' experience.
Karen Brooks, Woking, Surrey

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session yesterday in Surrey with John Rebecca and yourself. It was both challenging but nevertheless enjoyable.
Joan Williams-Condor, Manchester

Thanks again for a fabulous voice reel, I am very pleased.
Carin Rose, London


I would just like to say a big thank you to you, Andrew & Nathan. I was impressed by the professionalism the advice and the confidence you gave me to create my showreel. I really like the finished product and appreciate Nathan's patience with me. I posted the show reel to my casting call pro site and within 2 weeks landed my first paid voice over job. I was picked out of 209 applicants! The client I think was a borough council so I think the council voice helped! And the production company said they would love to work with me again in the future. None of this would be possible without you guys! I am highly recommending your company! Thank you again!
Serena Tona, Kent

Sooo pleased with the result. I just wanted to THANK YOU for the lovely day. Thanks also for all your suggestions and patience and making my big day happen. I thoroughly enjoyed working with both of you.
Rebecca Randall, Wimbledon

It was a very professional and helpful session with great help, hints and pointers from Ricky. The end product is fantastic and already I have interest in being used for a small commercial
Rod Wood, Actor, Worthing

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with having me for the day. I found the whole experience extremely tiring, but from a knowledge standpoint, completely invaluable! It's really reassuring that you have such faith in me and great to know that it wasn't in vain.
Ben Potter, Oxfordshire

I took your advice and put myself on the BBC voicebank. That gave me a lot of practice doing random scripts for all manner of local stations and bizarrely even Radio 1. I just wanted to say if it wasn't for your expertise with making my voiceover showreel and the experience to be able to learn my limits, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this - so thanks again.
Richard Latto, BBC Producer, Hampshire

Thank you all for making yesterday such an enjoyable one for me. It was refreshing to see that there are still human beings at work in the commercial world. I really loved the showreel that you made for me and was impressed by the variety in range and presentation that you managed to capture.
Nick Payne, Actor, Bristol

It was great to meet with you on Thursday. I greatly appreciated your advice and honest guidance on the material we used. It was also fascinating to hear your insight into the industry!
Susanna Gordon, Actress, Surrey

Hi Nathan. Many thanks for this. I couldn't be more pleased with it. I like the way you've re-structured it too. It might take a while to get off the ground but I couldn't have a better start. Thank you both for a great result...and I learned a lot, so thank you for a fun and informative session
Ann Lewis, Leadership Coach, Isle of Wight

Ricky is a great person to work with - he is professional, quick and delivers great results. It's a pleasure being asked to do voiceovers for BigFish Media - Ricky is an excellent director and it's a friendly environment to work in. I can also recommend Ricky highly if you are starting out in the voiceover industry and would like to record a showreel.
Faye Carruthers, Voiceover Artist and former TalkSport Newsreader/Journalist, London

Did I mention that I've had a couple of Heart commercials? I'm so thrilled, I'm boring everyone who will listen! Anyway considering it is all down to your showreel, I figured you wouldn't mind knowing too...
Vicky Shotton-Oza, Voiceover Artist, Bristol

Ricky produced an excellent showreel of my Voiceover work and is now representing me on his books. The speed at which he works is remarkable: he turned my reel around almost before I'd arrived home! He is a joy to work with, knows how to get the best out of you and has a natural ease about him that makes you feel safe and assured.
Sarah, Former BBC TV Continuity Announcer, Dorset

To say I'm impressed would be a massive understatement. I am very have truly made a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
Russell, Broadcaster and Voiceover Artist, Chester-le-Street

Ricky Salmon was a pleasure to do business with. The atmosphere was relaxed and the work was recorded smoothly and efficiently. He edited my voiceover showreel over and over to make sure I didn't just LIKE the end product, I LOVED the end product. He is an extremely talented dedicated professional, and I definitely want to work with him again in the future. Thumbs up!
Rachel Brooker, Actress and Voiceover Artist, Reading

I approached BigFish Media to record my voice reel and it came out sounding great. Ricky really makes you feel confortable during the session and he really brought the best out of my voice. Now I'm one of the BigFish Media voices and it's been a great experience, Ricky Salmon is very professional and devoted producer.
Joana, Actress and Voiceover Artist, London

As a 'newbie', I felt I had landed on my feet with Ricky. Being ever so slightly in awe, I found Ricky very easy to be with. Encouraging but frank, he kept it real and was utterly professional and businesslike. Ricky is somebody I admire very much.
Vicky Shotton-Oza, Voiceover Artist, Bristol

My session with Ricky Salmon at BigFish Media was an all-round positive one. It was a really friendly and relaxed experience and I enjoyed every minute. Ricky was completely professional and was really patient at answering all my questions. The voice reel itself sounds great and I now have it listed on several voice over websites.
Sally C Davis, Actress, Brighton

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