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Here you will find lots of useful information about casting, booking a voiceover artist and how a voiceover session works as well as information about issues affecting the voiceover industry in general.

How do I book my perfect Voiceover Artist?

Picture the scene. Your corporate video sits awaiting something. The graphics are completed, the animation works splendidly, the subtitles match the action and the music score is setting it off. But.
But there is something missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it? Well we know. That video is pining. And its pining for some real human value. Some real human connection. How can you solve that? Swipe right to find the perfect voice artist for your video. Here come the voiceovers...

But what are the ingredients that take your simple video production to the next level?
1. Take one finalised and checked and signed off script that appeals to the target audience and is written for speech.
2. Choose one of our fish-friendly voiceovers to elevate your production to real human level
3. Dial into our studio to direct the voiceover talent yourself
4. Have all the takes so that you can play with options and impress your client
5. Deliver a great video to your client
6. Clients brand product and/or service connects with their customers
And voila! You have finished your video dish off to perfection. It pays off in the long run simply because audiences and people need to hear stories, they need to connect to a brand or a product or service.
You can have a Daniel Pemberton or Spielberg to direct but without the words, what are you really trying to say?
Come and find your missing ingredient here at BigFish Media.

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How do I ensure my clients are kept informed during the holiday?

Did you know that your customers are trying to find you? They are searching here and there. And in between watching the cat videos online and scrolling through their social media posts they are trying to see when you are open, what you sell and how soon they can get things and preferably not thrown in the bin or into next doors garden. And often they actually want to speak to someone or hear a friendly voice.
So what are you going to do about this? We know. You’ve covered all your bases. You have updated your website. Updated your social media. But hang on, are all your clients looking at social media? Are all your clients online? And more importantly have your clients got charged up phones to look at you online?
Sometimes clients don’t and they need to phone your store or business. So what do you do? Well tell them the latest news, opening hours and sales offers over the phone. How do you do this? Contact us today and we can inform them.
1. Choose a voiceover that best encapsulates your brand and or service
2. Send us the script so for example “Welcome to JustForYou Pies, we are open this season between 10am and 4pm, pop along for all your baking goodies”
3. We record the voiceover and send it to you in one of the many specialised telephony audio formats.
Your customers are kept abreast of your opening hours and offers.
We have produced audio for countless companies including the biggest in the building trade Jewson. Find out how we can talk directly to your consumers using your words and our voiceovers by contacting us today.


How do we ensure your audio productions sounds amazing?

Did you know that we also provide sound design? Well we do and here at BigFish Media we have worked on Sound Design projects for years. Our in-house Sound Designer John, is an experienced artist and has created a variety of sound tracks for all sorts of clients. Sound Design is the creation of audioscapes for use in film, television, radio, theatre, live performance, musical composition, commercials and adverts for TV and radio, podcasts, video games and much more.

Sound Design can also include foley and development of sound effects and dialogue. John has worked on Video Games such as Perfect Dark, Starfox adventures, Sesame Street. John has also designed audio for films, podcasts, radio and IVR productions.
Having sound, music and effects in your audio production is as important as the copy. It adds atmosphere, authenticity and appeal to attract audiences and keep them interested.

Once upon a time, everything would have been live. However, as technology has progressed it means that the sound designer has to work hard too.

Every audio production really is underscored by having some sort of sound effects. The complexity and technical knowledge as well as a creative mindset mean that sound design is a real art.

Find out more and how sound design can have an effect on your audio production using sound and our voiceovers by contacting us today.

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