Podcast Production

The popularity of podcasts is on the rise. Not only can you connect with your target audience but you can build a relationship with them with the use of sound.

There are over half a million podcasts worldwide and you can use your podcast to promote your products or services. Podcasts hosted on ACAST or Patreon make this a profitable format for many businesses of all sizes.

We can provide different levels of service for your podcasting needs. We could get each podcast voiced by a voiceover artist or have a member of your staff interviewed by one of our team or indeed a voice talent who has a background in journalism.

If you are looking for sound designer, audio engineer or producer we can help you. We can record, edit and even host your podcasts and guide the content. Choose what you would like and we can start building your brand.


Here are a series of podcast interviews with Phill McGowan from New Media Software Ltd which Ricky Salmon produced, recorded and edited:Part 1: Profiting from Business Communication



Part 3: Winning the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award for Sales Automation:


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Podcast Production Testimonials
"I had never experienced a recording studio and was very nervous. Ricky did a great job and made me very comfortable and relaxed. He was able to understand what is great about our technology products and phrase questions in such a way that I could answer in simple terms. The result was a fantastic podcast."

Chad Billing, New Media Software
"Ricky knows his stuff! He is a very skilled interviewer and he makes the interview so natural. Ricky can easily translate highly technical products and phrase questions that make the answers understandable to everyone. I have no hesitation in recommending Ricky."

Phill McGowan, New Media Software

What is a Podcast?
It's just another name for an Mp3 audio file which you can download from a website or you can listen to mp3 audio via a flash player. Most people call them Downloads these days. Visitors to your website just press the play button to hear the audio (just like you can do on this website)

I would like a Podcast for my website. How can I get one?
Get in touch with us here at BigFish Media and we will talk you through the process. We are very flexible and can work to your timescale, budget and other requirements.

I have never been interviewed before. I wouldn't know what to say.
It's your business. You know it better than anyone, so just tell us about it. We will discuss the areas you want to talk about and the message you want to get across before we record. So we will rehearse. And prepare!

So who writes the questions?
Once we discuss the messages which you want to get across, the questions that we should ask you will become clear. And we can agree these together. As Ricky Salmon is an experienced journalist, (his credits include BBC Radio Solent, Ocean FM, TalkSPORT and Virgin Radio) he has the ability and instinct to ask the right questions and coach the right sort of answers from you.

Should I write down my answers?
You can, but it will probably sound like you are reading a script. It would sound much better if you make a few notes of the points which you want to get across. Think of it more as an informal chat rather than an agressive Paxman-style interview! We are not there to make you look small and embarrassed. Quite the opposite. You will then come across as more natural and human and get your message across to your clients much better.

mic live light

What if I keep making mistakes?
That's fine. Don't worry. It's what editing is for!

I am a busy person, how much of my time will the recording take?
It may take as little as ten minutes. It will depends on how long you would like the finished podcast to be, how much information about your business you want to get across, how well prepared you are for our chat and whether you would like a chat on the phone or in a studio. If you have never been into a radio studio, or been interviewed before, then it will take longer.

Do I have to come to your studio to record the podcast?
No. But you can if you want to. We can make a podcast in several different ways - whatever suits you. We could have a chat on the phone and record that. You could be in a radio studio in Glasgow, Belfast or anywhere and we can chat down the line. Or we could meet face to face in another studio and record our conversation. There are many options to suit you and your budget.

Oooh. That sounds expensive!
It doesn't have to be. For example, the New Media Software podcasts which you see on this page were recorded at studios in Southampton. And if you are on a very tight budget, we could just have a chat on the telephone and put that on your website.

But I don't live anywhere near Southampton or your studio in Surrey.
That's fine too. Let's just have a chat and we can discuss our options. We have access to studios in other parts of the UK, we could record on the telephone or we could get another journalist, who is based closer to you, to record a chat with you.

So how much will it cost to make a podcast?
Prices start at 350+VAT. This includes all the preparation work for us get to know your business, deciding on what areas you would like to talk about, writing the questions or script, making notes for your answers, recording, editing and uploading the files to our website so that you can download the audio at your convenience. If you would like us to make a podcast which is more complicated than a simple one-to-one chat, we can. Maybe you see your podcast as more of a mini-documentary or BBC Radio 4-style programme? Please contact us to discuss how we can make a podcast for you.

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