Voiceover Dubbing is when a professional voiceover artist replaces the original speech on a video. For example the voice of a German speaker (or voiceover artist)may be replaced by an English voiceover artist.

The audio track of the original video footage (with the background noise, effects etc) is then mixed with the new language recording. It is widely used on TV news when, say a Russian interviewee is dubbed by an English speaker (with the Russian audio reduced in volume) for broadcast in the UK.

This is also known as Language Replacement. It is widely used in TV shows, films and video games. So what is the difference between dubbing and voiceover?

If you want the new voice to convey the same tone and emotion of the original speaker, your project needs to be dubbed. If you don't, then you need a voiceover, which would be more like a narration of the original words but without conveying the raw emotion. The voiceover will not be lip synced to the person we see on screen.

TV Dubbing:

We dubbed 3 German Mercedes 360 videos into English. Here is the one for the C Class:

Mercedes C Class:

voiceover booth

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