Age Range: 40's Spanish Voice from Colombia
Styles: Sensual, Intimate, Clear, Natural, Relaxed
Accents: Latin American Spanish, Colombian (native)

Stella's voiceover clients include Rexona Soap, Ariel, Crystal Soap, Natural Honey, World Food Programme, Impala, Coffee Delight, Nivea, Wafer Capri, Pure Soap, Fruco, Ponds, Yambal, Aspirin, Dolex, Kokoriko, Diana Rice and Soap Neko.

Stella has recorded TV documentaries for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC, Fox, The Cartoon Network, HBO and History Channel.

Stella's voice has been used to dub the voices of many stars including Martha Stewart, Whoopee Goldberg, Joan Collins Olivia Newton John, Lady Diana, Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton.

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Here is part of a TV documentary - with a voice-over by Stella - for National Geographic:

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