Voice Training

If you would like to become a Radio Presenter, TV Presenter, Voiceover Artist or just need a boost to your confidence to speak in public, at a meeting or on air, we can help:

Just wanted to say that I've had my voice training session with Fenella. It was superb! Still buzzing, had a great time and got loads out of it. I'll take some time to absorb what I've learnt, then will get in touch about a voiceover showreel.
Abdul, Cheshire

Had a fantastic session with Fenella, a great insight into the industry, brilliant tips on improving my pronunciation and delivery, really inspiring. I will be practicing with the scripts you emailed me and will even be writing some of my own, and will be in touch in the future to hopefully record a show-reel (once I'm better versed).
Mark, Oxfordshire

Studio Engineer John

What is Voice Training?

We offer Voice Training over Skype, Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. You don't need to pay for a course lasting two days or even a whole day. We may be able to offer in person training either in London or Bristol.

We will put you together with one of our very experienced Voiceover Artists/Newsreaders/Actors who will carry out a 1-2-1 unique voice training session tailored especially to you, your voice and your own skills.

We will also give you an overview of the voiceover industry and how it works.

Please bring suitable reading material to the session (make sure you pick scripts for which your voice is likely to be cast if that is appropriate). If you don't have any, we can provide scripts.

You don't need to have a voiceover booth or studio - just a quiet room. However if you would like to record the session, please bring a digital recorder (mp3 player, tape recorder, dictaphone etc) with you.

I had some excellent coaching with Cameron last week thank you and he hasn't managed to put me off... Cameron did seem impressed by my ability to lift the words off the page and the quality of my voice.
Simon, Bristol

I found the voice training really useful. I'm so pleased that I found BigFish Media. Fenella was very personable and helped me with a couple of voicing niggles. The session flew by.
Grant, Leicestershire

How much Voice Training will I need?

If you have some experience of acting, public speaking or broadcasting it may take as little as an hour's session to dramatically enhance your performance.

However you may need longer; you're not a machine, so although we may be able to 'fix' you, everyone is slightly different in their speed and ability to get to grips with the voiceover process.

If you have no experience at all in the voiceover industry, broadcasting or acting, you will need a two hour voice training session.

voice trainer Cameron
Voice Trainer Cameron

Thank you SO much for helping me arrange this voice training, she was really a fantastic help - and great fun! I'm much more confident about moving ahead with the project now.
Alexandra, London

Tell me about your Voice Trainers...

Sandy has over 20 years' experience of working as a Voiceover Artists and Newsreader. Sandy has been heard on Capital FM and Absolute Radio.

Cameron is an accomplished Actor and Voiceover Artist. He trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has been acting in theatre, TV, radio, audio and film, as well as teaching and training (including LAMDA's corporate training wing) for over 30 years. Cameron has a BA (Hons) in Drama from Hull, and he was a member of the National Youth Theatre for 3 years.

Andre is a professional Actor and Voiceover Artist with over 20 years experience and extensive experience of running voiceover training courses.

They all understand the requirements of both public and commercial broadcasters, along with the corporate and online sector.

Sandy and Cameron are Master Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Sandy is also a BJTC-recommended Voice Coach.

They will teach you how to get the best from your voice and ensure you really get to grips with most important aspects of performing vocally, so that people want to listen to you, and your message comes across well.

Having had no experience of voiceover work before, I was slightly nervous to have training. The BigFish Media team were so encouraging and put me at ease right away. I learned a lot from the trainer about how to interpret scripts and deliver them in the best way I can. We also talked about what types of Voiceover work is best suited to my voice and what type of work I should aim for. This prepared me to know where and how to start promoting myself for work.
Amy, Guildford, Surrey

What Happens in a Voice Training Session?

Your Voice Training session involves us listening to you read your material, encouraging you to read naturally, intelligently and in an engaging way for the listener.

We will help you maximise your voiceover potential, give you the confidence to recognise your own vocal strengths and weaknesses and ensure you have the skills to move forward confidently in your voiceover career.

Voice Trainer Andre

What will I learn during the Voice Training session?

During your Voice Training session you will learn:

How to breathe properly, quietly and in the right places in a sentence;

How to avoid mouth noises, mouth clicks etc;

How to warm up your voice and how important that is before you start doing a voiceover session - especially if you are going to be voicing for hours;

How to talk clearly so that each and every word and syllable is heard;

How to avoid stumbling over certain words. We all have them: digital, authoritative, quantitative easing and innovative are some of our favourites!

How to vary your read from serious and authoritative to friendly and upbeat How to prepare your script before you go into the booth;

How to use a microphone and avoid popping;

How to deliver a nicely modulated voice and vary your reading style, pitch and tone;

How to describe your voice and which styles suit your voice best.

voice trainer Sandy
Voice Trainer Sandy

Really enjoyed it...Fenella had some good tips which I now need to put in to practice. I've got my next show on Saturday so I'm hoping I'll hear a difference then.
Kathy, Brighton

How much will my Voice Training cost?

The price of an hour's personal intensive 1-2-1 voiceover training is 149+VAT.

If you have no experience at all of the voiceover, broadcasting or acting industries, you will need a two hour session at 249+VAT.

How soon can I book?

Please allow at least a week between your initial enquiry and the date that you would like to book.

How will Voice Training help me?

At the end of the session you should:
have improved your performance sufficiently to record your first voiceover reel;
be able to read scripts with the correct tone, pitch, speed and inflection:
be able to perform the script by "lifting" the words off the page;
be able to subtly emphasise the right words in a script;
and read a script without it sounding like you are reading.

bigfishmedia office

So What's Next?

You should now be ready to record your first voiceover showreel. This is a service we offer at the very competitive rate of 349+VAT.

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the training session today. It was really helpful and I feel inspired to go forward with a fresh approach to my voiceovers (including the creation of a voiceover cave structure that will hopefully make me feel less oppressed by the duvet!).
Clare, London

I completed my 2 hour session last night with Jaime, I really enjoyed it and got some great tips to move forward with. Jaime felt that my voice was very usable and has encouraged me to now look to get into the voiceover industry.
Paul, Spain

Thank you for today. Fenella and her advice were absolutely invaluable and you and John are so welcoming, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.
Amy, Guildford, Surrey

I would like to thank BigFish Media for setting up a one hour training session with Fenella, and at such short notice.
The task I needed help with was to perform a very dry, highly technical VO script for a marketing video being made by my company. Within an hour, Fenella taught me key skills needed for a professional and coherent reading. Fenella was exceptionally professional, honest without being unkind, and very encouraging. She taped my voice before and after the training so I could hear the (significant) difference. I now feel sufficiently confident to analyse and perform other VO scripts and feel this has given me a strong foundation on which to build.

Girija, Middlesex

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with having me for the day. I found the whole experience extremely tiring, but from a knowledge standpoint, completely invaluable! It's really reassuring that you have such faith in me and great to know that it wasn't in vain.
Ben, Oxfordshire

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with you and Fenella, thank you so much to both of you for your time and patience with me! I feel much more confident now about my new venture and will definitely be in touch again when I've pulled together the money for a demo. Thanks also for the scripts to practice with, there is a really good range there.
Cate, Southampton

I did enjoy my session in Bristol. Cameron has a great voice and his advice was very useful, especially regarding the breathing techniques to project the voice. This has inspired me to enroll in a three-month training with a Spanish voice over artist this time so I'm sure I'll be ready to rock very soon!
Elena, Bristol

If you would like to book or have any further questions please contact us.

All of our voiceover training takes place remotely via Skype, Whats App, Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. Therefore we can offer voice training anywhere in the UK or indeed to anyone in the world.

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