Commercial Production

Are YOU looking for a radio commercial to make YOUR BUSINESS stand out? If you are looking for a company to make your next radio ad, then BigFish Media are here for you!

We can write the commercial from your advertising brief, get the copy cleared for broadcast by RACC, cast and record the perfect voiceover artist, and then produce the ad to exacting standards as required by the major broadcast groups.

And it won't just be the same tired old ads that you've heard for years and years, created by a machine of mindless drones. You get a personal service, from a small team of professionals.

Both Ricky and Jack have previously worked in commercial radio, and so they are familiar with the time and cost pressures involved. Jack has written and produced countless radio ads; John has extensive experience of digital audio production.

We produced a radio advert for Best Western Hotels for broadcast on Heart and Capital staions and voiced by Lucinda:

Best Western:

We produced four online adverts for GE Aerospace. They are voiced by Ian:

GE Aerospace:

We produced four Spotify commercials for Payoneer. They are voiced by Colin C, Dominique and Lynne T:


We produced this radio commercial for What Live? in Birmingham. It is voiced by Carlo:

What Live:

We produced this radio commercial for Prince Bishops Place in Durham. It is voiced by John F:

Prince Bishops Place:

We produced these Spotify radio commercials for American Express. They are voiced by the staff:

American Express:

We produced these national radio commercials for Jessops. They are voiced by the staff:


We produced these national radio commercials for Cathedral City Cheese. They are voiced by Alan L:

Cathedral City:

We produced this radio commercial for Whipsnade Zoo. It is voiced by Fred and Annalise:

Whipsnade Zoo:

We produced these two radio commercials for Sparkle Towers in Dubai:

Sparkle Towers:

The Arabic version is voiced by Mahmoud E:

Sparkle Towers:

We made three radio commercials for Black Horse voiced by Immy:

Black Horse:

Black Horse:

Black Horse:


We made two radio commercials for Sherwoods Property:


And one more with a voiceover by Mahmoud E:


We made a radio commercial for Asda voiced by Sally with help from a few children:


We made this radio commercial for HiQ. voiced by Simon:

HiQ High Wycombe:

Smyths Toys Advert:

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