On Hold Production

It doesn't matter if you are a small business or a global business, promoting your services or products while your customers are being kept on-hold, can really increase your sales.

Getting a professional voiceover artist to deliver your messages and using some quality royalty-free music, delivers a professional image for your company.

We are fast, flexible and friendly. We can write your scripts, record your chosen voiceover artist, edit the audio and then produce the final audio files which can be mixed with music - often in obscure telephone formats.

We strongly recommend that you direct the voiceover talent as they record but this isn't always required.

Anything to do with music and audio is subjective, which means what one person thinks is perfect, may not sound right to another. So we do allow for some back and forth to make sure our audio producer makes the final files sound just as you would like them to sound.

Thank you for a great job very professional and I would certainly recommend you.
Gerald, 4Site Security Services

Here are examples of our On-Hold audio production projects:

We recorded and produced several On-Hold audio tracks for Propel voiced by Adam G:


We wrote, recorded and produced a 5-minute On-Hold audio track for DanMagi:


We recorded and produced several On-Hold telephone messages for L'Occitane:


We made an On-Hold message for 4Site Security. voiced by Helen S:


We made On-Hold messages for Wigan Borough Council voiced by Glenda:


We made On-Hold Christmas audio for 247 Cars:


We made On-Hold Christmas audio for Becoming Green voiced by Ricky:


We made On-Hold audio for Tasman Industries:


bigfishmedia office


We made On-Hold audio for Health and Fitness Education voiced by Penny:


We made On-Hold audio for SEW Infrastructure in India:


We made On-Hold audio for Island Trader voiced by Joseph:


We made On-Hold audio for Breakeryard:


And here is our complete On-Hold Production Showreel:


On Hold Voiceover Artists