Studio Availability

Thursday 23rd Lorraine booked 5-6pm
Friday 24th John booked 11am-1pm; Amy

Monday 27th Amy and Lorraine
Tuesday 28th Amy
Wednesday 29th Amy and Lorraine
Thursday 30th Lorraine booked 5-6pm


Friday 1st Amy

Monday 4th Amy and Lorraine
Tuesday 5th Amy
Wednesday 6th Amy and Lorraine
Thursday 7th Lorraine
Friday 8th Amy

Monday 11th John booked 1-3pm; Amy and Lorraine
Tuesday 12th Amy
Wednesday 13th Amy and Lorraine
Thursday 14th Lorraine
Friday 15th Amy


Our last working day will be Friday 15 December 2017.
We will re-open on Monday 8 January 2018.

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