Studio Availability

If a team member is shown as being booked below then our studio is not available during that time period. Please choose a time slot from 10am-5pm UK time. If no one is shown as being booked that day then our studio is free all day.

Tuesday 11 Ricky booked 3-4pm; Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 12 Jack booked 3-5.30pm; Lorraine
Thursday 13 Lorraine booked 10.30-11.30am; Jack
Friday 14 Ricky

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR CLOSING: We will be closed for Christmas and New Year from Monday 17 December until Friday 4th January

Monday 7 Caroline
Tuesday 8 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 9 Lorraine booked 10-11am; Jack
Thursday 10 Jack and Lorraine
Friday 11 Ricky

Monday 14 Caroline
Tuesday 15 Caroline
Wednesday 16 Jack
Thursday 17 Jack
Friday 18 Ricky

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