Age Range: 40's Sensual Italian Voice
Styles: Warm, Clear, Educated, Natural, Relaxed
Accents: Italian

Lorella's voiceover clients include Audi, IBM, IKEA, Roche, Bayer, KODAK, Computer Associated, OPEL, Bosch, EPSON, FIAT IVECO, Costa Crociere, Lancome, Carrirer, Mondadori, Deagostini, Salani, Giunti and Hoepli.

Lorella has recorded voiceovers for television promotions for Cartoon Network, Mediaset Premium, Disney Channel, Discovery Channel and Travel & Living TV.

Her voiceovers for TV commercials include Barilla, Chrysler Gran Voyager, Danone Actimel, FIAT Punto, Focus Dailies, Garnier, Geox, Glade, Kinder Ferrero, Mastrolindo, Mellin, Nivea, Nuvenia, Nokia, Vape and Xbox 360.

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