Age Range: 40's Versatile Italian Voice
Styles: Rich, Powerful, Warm, Characters, Deep
Accents: Italian, English with a mild or strong Italian accent, Roman, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Tuscanian, Sardinian, Milanese, Italian with German, French, Spanish, Russian, African or Chinese accent

Giovanni's voiceover clients include HP, Artificial Solutions, Healix, Canon, Costa, Vodafone, IBM, Plastics Europe, Dell and Cisco. He is also the voice of the TomTom GO.

Giovanni's voice has been used in the following TV documentaries: "Andrea Bocelli: The Story Behind The Voice, "Revealed: Silvio Berlusconi" and "America, Empire of Liberty".

Giovanni has voiced adverts for Martini, Johnnie Walker, Ferrari, Bertolli, Adidas, Lynx, Simplicity, Pledge, Gaviscon, Weir, Kalixa, Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign, My M&M’s, PAAL GmbH, Fiat Punto, Expedia, Wireless Networks, Sketchers and Huggies.

Giovanni's voice has also appeared in these videogames: Wii Fit Wii Fit Plus, Pokémon Battle Revolution, Medieval 2: Total War Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Singularity, The Club and Wii Music.

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