Age Range: 40's. Smooth French Voice
Styles: Warm, Fun, Bright, Attractive,
Intimate, Charming
Accents: French, English with a French accent

You will probably recognise Caroline from her voiceovers on Channel 4's "Le Show" and Edward VII's murderous mistress.

Caroline has voiced TV commercials for Signal, American Airlines, Neutrogena, Flora, Renault, Daily Telegraph, Veet, Haagen Daz and Shape Ups:

Caroline's radio commercials include the Daily Telegraph, P&O, Eurostar, Harper Collins, Kronenbourg, Time Magazine, SeaFrance, The Times, Aer Lingus and Renault.

She has recorded TV documentaries for Channel 4, National Geographic, 3BM TV and TV France.

Caroline's corporate voiceovers include Capital Group, KLM, Boots, Remicade, HSBC, GoodYear, Mastercard, Islamic Development Bank, Nicorette, HP, Blackberry, Chef et Sommelier, Vogue and Commera:

Caroline has also recorded voiceovers for Condor Ferries, Sony, EDF, Tena Lady, Ikea, Landrover, DFDS Seaways, Hilton Hotels, Rolex, Airbus, Hasbro, Xerox and Exclaimer:

Caroline's other voiceovers include Microsoft, Canon, BP, Barclays, NHS, TNT, Motorolla, Philips, Cisco, Fujitsu and McAfee:

Caroline has also voiced video games, on-hold prompts, cartoons and toys for Hasbro. She has recorded flight announcements for Luftanza, Corsair, Buraq Air and Viking Hellas.

She has also voiced car satellite navigation systems for Honda, Jaguar, Mercedez Benz, self-checkout systems and audio guidess for St Paul's Cathedral and the Guggenheim Museum.

As an actress Caroline appeared in a TV commercial for Specsavers and appeared in vision in corporate films for Hewlett Packard, Bloomberg TV, Eurotunnel and Swiss Re.

Caroline is also a literary translator and former radio presenter.

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